Mindset Ventures Partners with Microsoft to Invest in Startups with Market Potential in Brazil

Mindset Ventures, a Brazilian Investment Group, has partnered with Microsoft Accelerators to invest in graduates of Tel Aviv, Israel and Seattle, USA, with market potential in Brazil.

The amount invested in each company will vary from US$100k to $150k and will benefit 10 startups from Seattle (USA) and Tel Aviv (Israel) in the first year.

The selected startups will be in announced in October, 2016.

According to Daniel Ibri, Managing Partner of Mindset Ventures and CEO of Acelera Partners, this initiative will prioritize international startups with ideas that can contribute to the development of critical areas in Brazil such as agribusiness, fintech, healthcare and smart cities.
The selection will be made by Mindset Ventures’ Managing Partners, Microsoft Accelerators’ executives and other international partners.

The partnership also seeks to improve venture capital investment knowledge in Brazil by importing the best global practices in benefit of the Brazilian startup ecosystem.



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