Intensity Analytics Raises New Funding Round

Intensity_Analytics_LogoIntensity Analytics, a Warrenton, VA-based specialized data security software company, raised a new funding round.

The round, whose participants were not disclosed, brought total funding to date to nearly $5m.

Founded in 2009 by John Rome, CEO, Intensity Analytics develops physical user and entity behavioral analytics security software technology that blocks access and precisely tracks security events by analyzing the keystroke behavior of individual offenders when compared to legitimate users.
The solution precisely identifies who is at the keyboard, thereby tightening security and preventing expensive breaches before they occur. The software can also run in the background, continually authenticating throughout a session rather than stopping at the point of access, eliminating the need to adopt inconvenient tokens or bespoke hardware.
Other multifactor solutions currently available face two main issues: the data cannot be revoked (e.g. employees’ fingerprints cannot be changed if their record has ever been compromised), and biometric data is personably identifiable, and thus subject to HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations.



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