IndoorAtlas Receives €2.2M from European Commission Horizon 2020 Program

IndoorAtlasIndoorAtlas Ltd, an Oulu, Finland-based geomagnetic indoor positioning technology platform, received €2.2m from the European Commission Horizon 2020* grants program.

Founded in 2012 and led by Janne Haverinen, CEO, IndoorAtlas provides a SaaS-based geomagnetic indoor positioning technology which utilizes the compass sensor in smartphones to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint a location indoors. It provides approximately 25,000 developers with a platform to build indoor location-based services, such as proximity advertising, search and way-finding, within applications, without the need to purchase, install and maintain costly infrastructures that are often associated with WiFi or beacon solutions.
The technology supports both Android and iOS.

*Horizon 2020 is a EU Research and Innovation program, with nearly €80 billion in funding available.



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