Online Marketplace for Auto Repairs Autobutler Receives Investment from The PSA Group

autobutlerfoundersAutobutler, a Denmark-based online marketplace for auto repairs, has received an investment of undisclosed amount from The PSA Group.

The PSA Group is acquiring a controlling interest in the company, which will remain independent, to strengthen its multi-brand aftermarket offering and to develop business in its own networks, expand its customer base, attract new independent auto repair shops, and improve its expertise in digital aftermarket services.

The investment will allow Autobutler to expand into new countries.

Founded in 2010 by Christian Legêne and Peter Zigler, Autobutler is an online marketplace offering car owners a platform to get competitive quotes from quality garages for any kind of car repair. It currently operates a network of garages and customers in Denmark, Sweden, UK and Germany.
Launched in 2010, the online platform has already allowed nearly 300,000 customers in the four countries to get an online quote for vehicle maintenance and repair. Users enter their car model, location and the type of work they want done, and receive corresponding offers and quotes from three garages located near their home.



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