Japanese Messaging App Line Goes Public in NYC and Tokyo

lineJapanese messaging app Line is going public on the New York Stock Exchange on July, 14, and on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on July 15, 2016 (JST).

The company, which is trading as LN, aims to raise $1 Billion, has made the decision to go public in both Japan and the United States to further enhance its position in Asia and to continue a more active global expansion.

Launched on June 23, 2011, Line provides people with tools to communicate with friends, families in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and other regions of Asia. It festures one-to-one and group real-time chats, stickers for expressing emotions, free audio and video calls, and other features that enrich the communications of users.
Over time, the company has also expanded its product line with LINE Out, a service that provides low-cost calls to domestic and international landlines and mobile phone numbers, and LINE Pay, a mobile payment service that enables people to pay at affiliated vendors and stores and users to send and receive money from each other.



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