Online Video Distribution Platform Samba Tech Raises $3M in Funding

sambatechSamba Tech, a Belo Horizonte, Brazil-based distributor of online videos in Latin America, raised $3m (BRL R$10 million) in funding.

Backers included investor José Augusto Schincariol.

Led by Gustavo Caetano, Founder and CEO, Samba Tech provides an online video platform, Samba Videos, which manages the digital logistics stages from the moment media leaves the camera to its distribution online.
The company has just launched Kast in the USA, a free mobile video app that goes beyond traditional communications tools like email, text and chat, adding audio and video features to team communication and collaboration tools, both at the office and on the go. Kast, which is initially launching in beta and can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, aims to leverage videos to convey emotion, tone and gestures, or share imagery and actions that other forms of communication can’t.

The company will use the funds to bring Kast to the U.S.



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