KPCB’s Mary Meeker Releases 2016 Internet Trends Report

mary_meekerAs every year, KPCB‘s Mary Meeker has released the Internet Trends’ annual report.

A wealth of data and considerations useful for every professional working around the tech world, be either an entrereneur, a manager, an analyst, an investor, a student or a journalist.

The most important trends in the 2016 edition include the changing advertising and communication landscape as well as the new possibilities generated by the creation of autonomous cars and the analysis of data.

In details, the Internet trends can by summarized as follows:
– Global Internet users have surpassed 3 billion with India becoming the world’s second-largest Internet market overcoming the USA behind China;
– Internet user growth is sound (fueled by Indian growth), while mobile user and shipment growth is decreasing;
– Internet advertising (mainly via mobile) keeps on growing, but so does ad-blocking, this driving the necessity to create more innovative formats;
– New online-first brands have become popular among millennials thanks to omni-channel and personalized distribution strategies;
– In communication, video and images shared are growing as a means of storytelling with creators, consumers, and advertisers taking part in the trend;
– Messaging is evolving from consumer to business use cases, mainly in Asia;
– Voice-based interfaces are creating new ways of human-computer interaction;
– The new possibilities given by car computerization and autonomous driving are the founding pillars of smart transportation;
– in China, e-commerce, messaging, travel, financial services, and on-demand transportation companies continue to dominate the Internet scene;
– Analysis of data (mainly generated by mobile + IoT) can represent the next big thing. This potential is limited by privacy concerns, anyways.

Have a look at the report below:



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