WuXi Healthcare Ventures Adds Gregory Verdine as Newest Venture Partner

WuXi Healthcare Ventures, a Shanghai and Boston-based cross-border venture capital firm focused on the life sciences and healthcare fields, has added Gregory Verdine, Ph.D., as its newest Venture Partner.

Dr. Verdine, Erving Professor at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School Professor and serial entrepreneur, has made numerous contributions in the translation of bench science to the bedside and has founded, or co-founded, multiple biotechnology companies including:
– Enanta Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq ENTA),
– Gloucester Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Celgene),
– Tokai Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq TKAI),
– WaVe Life Sciences (Nasdaq WVE),
– Eleven Biotherapeutics (Nasdaq EBIO),
– Warp Drive Bio,
– Aileron Therapeutics, and
– FogPharma.
He also co-founded the non-profit Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute and Gloucester Biotechnology Academy.

Dr. Verdine is also a leading figure in the field of new therapeutic modalities, and has developed a new class of therapeutics termed stapled peptides, which are currently in clinical development and have received much attention for their ability to drug targets previously considered “undruggable.”

He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University, a B.S. in chemistry from St. Joseph’s University, and served as an NIH postdoctoral fellow in molecular biology at MIT and Harvard Medical School.



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