Jolla Raises $12M in Funding

Jolla, a Helsinki, Tampere, Finland- and Hong Kong-based developer of an open mobile operating system called Sailfish OS, raised $12m in funding.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to develop its Sailfish OS, proceed with closing the Jolla Tablet project, as well as extend its licensing partnerships.

In a statement, Jolla said it experienced financing challenges last autumn but later entered into an agreement with its main creditors, and has canceled its debt restructuring application in Finland. The company, which is also preparing a new special community program, which will be announced in the near future, also said that the project that affected the most with the financial challenges was the Jolla Tablet.
Following the financing, Jolla will be able to fulfill a small number of tablet shipments to its crowdfunding backers, and has decided to refund all the remaining contributions done via Indiegogo via two rounds.

The company is led by Antti Saarnio, Chairman.



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