Acquires Privalia; Invests in, an European operator of online flash deal platforms, acquired Privalia, a fashion daily sales platform and a majority stake in in Switzerland.

The amounts of the two deals, which will allow the company to continue to grow in Europe, were not disclosed.

Founded in Barcelona in 2006 by Lucas Carné and José Manuel Villanueva. Privalia offers daily sales to 28 million registered users in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico.

Co-founded in 2007 by Arthur Dauchez and Laure de Gennes, who remain directors and minority shareholders, is a sales-event site with one and half million members in Switzerland and partnerships with over 800 major brands selling a wide range of products in such areas as fashion, sports, home, children, high-tech, travel and leisure. Since 2011, the company is part of the Maus Frères Group and employs over 50 people in Switzerland.

Led by Jacques-Antoine Granjon, CEO and founder, is a leader in the online flash sale concept specializing in helping brands manage excess stock. Its 30 million members accross Europe access to sales in a limited time from 3 to 5 days organized in collaboration with over 3,700 international brands in such areas as ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, home furnishings, toys, sports, wine, etc. With 2800 employees in 8 European countries, has achieved a 2 billion euros turnover in 2015.



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