Vector Laboratories Receives Strategic Investment from GTCR

Vector Laboratories, Inc., a Burlingame, California-based life science tools company, received a strategic investment of undisclosed amount.

Private equity firm GTCR made the investment via Maravai LifeSciences management partnership with CEO Carl Hull, a 30-year veteran of the diagnostics and life sciences industry. GTCR and Maravai’s investment in Vector was funded from GTCR Fund XI, a private equity fund raised in 2014 with $3.85 billion of limited partner equity capital commitments.

Founded in 1976, Vector is a provider of life science products, including labeling and detection reagents, which are critical components in immunohistochemistry studies and other life science research applications and allow medical and scientific researchers to visualize cells in experiments which are central to the understanding of cancer and other diseases.
Customers include researchers at hospitals, academic research institutions and life science companies.



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