Plug and Play IoT Selects Startups for 4th Batch

PNP-logoPlug and Play‘s innovation platform, Plug and Play IoT, has just accepted 25 startups to join the fourth batch of its program.

The startups were selected by new corporate anchor partners Fujitsu, Caterpillar, Panasonic, Honeywell, and SOMPO Digital Lab, along with Philips Lighting, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Mercedes-Benz, SC Johnson, and Munich Re.

Among the others, the batch includes the following companies:
Angee, an intelligent home security system taking care of a family’s safety, connecting to members via mobile devices, and adapting to their routine. The company was backed on Kickstarter in November 2015 and is currently preparing the product for market launch.
Aquadation, which provides Automated “Self-Leveling” Residential Home Foundation Repair System using IoT sensors, Cloud Computing and Buried Micro-drip Irrigation Technology.
BeeHex, a 3D food printing company led by Anjan Contractor, Chintan Kanuga, Jordan French, Ben Feltner and Pei-Ling Lee. A patent-pending pneumatic technology makes pizza and confectionery hardware for commercial kitchens, theme parks and the event management and food catering industries. Based in Sunnyvale, California, BeeHex is backed by Plug & Play Ventures.
BreezoMeter, which delivers dynamic, real-time air quality data to allow municipalities, smart cities and businesses to make informed decisions on their wellbeing. It has over 50M daily users in 28 countries.
ElectrIQ, which offers an all-in-one home energy management system that intelligently monitors energy consumption and sustainably reduces home energy costs.
Sentio Solutions, which provides a smart wristband that leverages proprietary algorithms to recognize and track human emotions, and personalized recommendations based on advanced psychological techniques to allow users to develop positive emotional habits and improve wellbeing.
Kwik, an ordering solution for any brand which includes interfaces to any payment & delivery services as well as to the existing e-commerce system of the brand.
Natural Machines, which makes Foodini, the 3D food printer to print all types of foods.
Nearable, which creates a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) location network.
oneID, an identity lifecycle management for IoT.
Oxie, a smart, wearable air purifier.
PRS Medical Technologies, which designs and manufactures support surfaces for seat cushion pressure reduction benefits.
Reality Analyticsm, which uses advanced, patented artificial intelligence techniques to detect real-world events in sensor and signal data so apps and devices can take action.
Ripples, which makes Ripple Maker, a machine that creates coffee ripples from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee beverages.
Scenseit, which develops an IoT platform for indoor air quality & scent control to allow existing and new emerging IoT verticals to deliver new advanced products.
Swiftly, a San Francisco, CA-based maker of data-driven software apps focused on improving urban mobility.
Timeli, an Asset Performance Intelligence solution specifically targeted to asset intensive industries like Utilities, Process manufacturing, Oil & Gas and other verticals.
Titanium Falcon, whose first product is a smart ring for mobile gaming and VR called Talon, which allows wearers to swipe fingers to play games or control apps on devices such as phones, tablets, VR headset, smart TVs, etc.
TRX Systems, which delivers infrastructure-free location, tracking, and status-monitoring of personnel in indoor and other environments without accurate GPS.
Vyooit, an on-demand live POV platform for immediate visual feedback within the Enterprise and between Enterprise and consumers.

Launched in 2006, Plug and Play Tech Center is a global technology accelerator and venture fund which includes entrepreneurs from 24 countries. With over 350 startups and 300 corporate partners, Plug and Play provides active investments with 180 Silicon Valley VCs, and more than 365 networking events per year. Companies in the community have raised over $3.5 billion in funding, with portfolio exits including Danger, Dropbox, Lending Club, PayPal, SoundHound, and Zoosk.

The directon of the PnP IoT program is Phillip Vincent. 



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