Oracle to Acquire Crosswise

oracleOracle (NYSE: ORCL) is to acquire Crosswise, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of machine-learning based cross-device data which enables marketers and publishers to benefit from cross-device advertising, personalization and analytics.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by Steve Glanz, CEO, Jonathan Seidner, CTO, and Ron Reiter, VP R&D, Crosswise applies advanced data science and proprietary machine-learning techniques to user and device activity data to construct a probabilistic Device Map™ matching multiple devices to individual users in a scalable and high quality manner.

With the acquisition, Oracle will add Crosswise’s offerings to Oracle Data Cloud, its global Data as a Service business, which aggregates more than 3 billion profiles from over 15 million websites in its data marketplace and operating an accurate ID Graph to enable understanding of consumer behavior across all media channels. Oracle Data Cloud ingests third-party data, extracts value, and activates the data to drive insights and leverage this knowledge for targeting, personalization and measurement to allow top U.S. advertisers to maximize their marketing spend.

The addition of Crosswise thus aims to further broaden the Oracle ID Graph to build a complete view of consumers’ digital interactions across multiple devices.



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