Ingenico Group Acquires Think&Go NFC

ingenico_groupIngenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), a Paris, France-based global payment company, acquired Think&Go NFC, a French startup that provides connected screens.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Founded in 2010 by Vincent Berge, Think&Go NFC has developed technology that enables any kind of digital display to interact with connected objects such as smartphones and transit passes. As a result, the connected screens become a vehicle for marketing tools like drive-to-store, couponing, loyalty programs and downloads.
The company employs 15 people.

Since 2015, Ingenico Group and Think&Go NFC have been using contactless payment technology to turn digital advertising displays into points-of-sale points, launching Screen-Commerce. These solutions, usable inside stores and in high-traffic areas with digital screens such as shopping malls, train stations and airports, allow merchants to open additional sales channels, operating in both retail outlets and public places, and consumers to buy theater tickets on the screen, order products and pick them up later at a retail outlet, etc.

By leveraging Ingenico’s global network and R&D capabilities, Think&Go NFC can now grow its business and achieve a twentyfold increase in the number of screens deployed within three years.



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