SomaLogic to Raise up to $60.5M in Debt and Equity Financing

somalogicSomaLogic, Inc., a Boulder, CO-based medical diagnostic technology company, is to raise up to $60.5m in debt and equity financing.

Visium Healthcare Partners will provide the funds.

The company intends to use the funds for continued growth, including its primary focus on the development of novel life science tools and clinical diagnostics based on its proprietary proteomics technology.

Led by Byron Hewett, Chief Executive Officer, and Larry Gold, PhD, Founder and Chairman, SomaLogic provides a technology platform that gives researchers and clinicians critical tools for protein biomarker discovery, diagnostics development, and pharmaceutical innovation. At the core of the company’s proteomics platform there are the SOMAmer protein-binding reagents, which combine the properties of both monoclonal antibodies and traditional aptamers. The SOMAscan assay, which incorporates 1,310 different SOMAmer reagents, measures proteins across a wide range of concentrations in small volumes of multiple biological sample types, accelerating the discovery of biomarkers across a wide range of diseases and conditions.



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