ExactCare Pharmacy Receives Private Equity Investment from Nautic Partners

ExactCare-LogoExactCare Pharmacy, a Cleveland, OH-based pharmacy focused on improving medication adherence for patients with chronic conditions and on multiple medications, received a private equity investment from Nautic Partners, LLC.

In connection with the Nautic investment, Doug Present, former CEO of MHA, was appointed chairman of the ExactCare board of directors and Jim Smith, former CEO of QoL meds, joined the board.

Founded by President and CEO Dale Wollschleger in 2009, ExactCare works with health insurers, home health agencies, and health systems to allow patients on multiple medications to adhere to their daily medication regimens. The company provides a care model, including in-home patient assessments to gather patients’ medication information, medication reconciliation to ensure effective regimens, communication with patients and prescribers to track patients’ medication changes, and multi-dose packaging to simplify daily medication adherence.
ExactCare operates two pharmacies—one in Ohio and one in New Jersey—and is licensed across 49 states nationwide.



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