Super Ventures Launches $10M Augmented Reality Focused Fund

superventuresSuper Ventures, a San Francisco, CA-based incubator dedicated to augmented reality (AR), has launched its debut fund of $10m.

The fund focuses on investing in startups that improve human experiences via Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and wearable tech while the incubator will offer 12 startups the opportunity to grow via a 3-month long program and an AR & wearables community of 150K professionals and 500 companies.

Initial investments include:
Waygo, a visual translation app specializing in Asian languages,
Fringefy, a visual search engine that allows people to discover local content and services, and
– an unannounced company developing an intelligence system to crowdsource visual data.

The managing partners of Super Ventures include:
– Ori Inbar (Ogmento turned Flyby now acquired by Apple, founder of and advisor to AR startups like Meta);
– Matt Miesnieks (Led AR R&D at Samsung);
– Mark Billinghurst (AR researcher); and
– Tom Emrich (We Are Wearables, writer and analyst).

The firm explained his vision in a dedicated post.



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