SiamoSoci Launches Club to Invest in US Startups via Mission and Market

american_startup_clubSiamoSoci, a Milan, Italy-based investment platform, has teamed up with Mission and Market, a US-based vc micro fund, to launch a club to invest in US startups.

Registered in Italy, American Startup Club aims to raise approx. €1.1m from Italian investors. The raised funds will be managed by Mission and Market.

missionandmarket_logoLed by Stefano Bernardi, Simone Brunozzi and Francesco Simoneschi, Mission and Market is investing its first fund, which is dedicated to supporting promising US tech startups. Mission and Market Fund I has already made 31 investments in biotech, fintech, hardware, robotics, food and mobile startups. The portfolio list includes Notable Labs, Transcriptic, SEED, Padlet, Bento, Pakible, Cofactor Genomics,, Asseta, ThinAir, Cymmetria, Atomwise, Eaze, Hedgy, Crunchbutton, Enlitic, Direct Match, Maderight, Bright Funds, TeamedWith, SimplyCredit, Cloe, Able Health, Wheely’s Café International, and Clara Foods, among others.

Interested investors can get access to the club here committing a minimum of €10k to April, 15, 2016.

Led by CEO Dario Giudici, SiamoSoci is an investment platform dedicated to partnering with the major innovation hubs to connect investors with startups.



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