MilliDrop Raises €1M in Funding

millidropMilliDrop, a Paris, France-based designer and developer of cell culture machines based on millifluidics technology for bacteriological research and diagnosis purposes, raised €1m in funding.

Seventure Partners‘s Quadrivium 1 seed fund made the investment.

The company will use the funds to start producing trial runs of its first machine, the MilliDrop Analyzer.

Led by Laurent Boitard, founder and chairman, MilliDrop has developed the MilliDrop Analyzer, which uses millifluidics technology to culture and analyze micro-organisms. The millifluidics technology – based on the miniaturization of cell culture – allows the high-throughput incubation, analysis and manipulation of samples ranging from around 100 nanolitres down to a few picolitres in volume, with no deterioration in performance.
MilliDrop works on a new generation of in-vitro diagnostics instruments called MilliDrop DIV, which will enable users to identify infectious agents and the antibiotic doses required to eradicate them, in order to reduce therapeutic failures associated with choosing the wrong antibiotic or an excessive dose.



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