Lars Seier Christensen Launches Seier Capital

seier_capitalSaxo Bank’s co-founder Lars Seier Christensen has launched Seier Capital, a Schwarzenbach, Switzerland-based private seed and venture capital firm.

Christensen, has just left Saxo Bank, which he co-founded in 1992 (with Kim Fournais) and co-led since 1995. is the only investor in and fully owner of Seier, whose resources amount to over €350m.

The firm aims to invest in high quality, scalable and value creating young businesses providing support, resources, network as well as leadership and governance inspiration.
Seier intends to acquire minority positions primarily at angel, seed or A round stages to help backed companies accelerate their development cycle and obtain additional venture capital or private equity, and eventually go public or pursue other liquidity events.

The Advisory Board of the firm, personally handpicked by Seier Christensen, includes Yaron Brook, Julie Meyer, Dennis Malamatinas, Morten O.N. Wagner, Thomas Plenborg, Per Mikael Jensen, Morten Lund, Soren Kenner, Bjarne Riis, Tommy Ahlers, and Løne Fonss Schrøder.



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