uCella Raises $1M in Funding

ucellauCella, a Palo Alto, CA-based smart technology package and delivery mailbox service, raised $1m in funding.

The backers were not disclosed.

Led by creator and co-founder Shuai Jiang, uCella has developed a smart technology package and delivery mailbox service which allows users to receive, return, track and manage all online orders, managed from any location through an app.
The Wi-Fi connected box syncs with users’ email accounts to pull the delivery tracking number. Delivery services then scan the barcode of the product, which contains this tracking code, in order to unlock the box, and then store the package for customer collection.
The app also gives users access to retailer return policies and customer support networks. Users can then schedule return pickups – alerting the carrier’s system through their API, giving instructions on how to unlock the box. A voice messaging system within the box allows carriers to record messages with the tap of button – sent to the user in the uCella app.

The company is now working to develop partnerships with delivery companies and online retailers, enabling a range of convenient features for streamlined product delivery and return.



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