Spikko Telecom Raises $1M

Spikko Telecom, a London, UK and Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of multi-line calling services, raised $1m.

Unnamed private backers made the investment.

The company will use the funds to scale-up its multi-line solution for small businesses, taking it beyond early adopters.

Led by Shai Benarzi, CEO, Spikko allows small-office-home-offices (SOHOs) to utilize several phone numbers on one smartphone device, with one SIM, using GSM technology. This enables them to purchase numbers from 60 countries (for as low as $4/ month) and call around 200 countries around the world.

In many virtual Spikko lines, SMS capabilities are also available. The Spikko multi-line solution also includes identity management mechanism, so when one makes a call using the Spikko Android or iPhone app, they can choose which caller ID appears on the phone screen of the call recipient, so the call is received at the right context, as well as call recording.

Users can also publish the additional numbers on websites, business cards and other promotional materials.



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