Realsafe Technologies Raises £1M in Funding

Realsafe Technologies, a Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK-based developer of safety-based technology connected to emergency services, raised £1m in funding.

This includes a mixture of venture capital from Rivers Capital Partners, which made a £500k investment through its Business North East Angel Fund, and a social enterprise loan. In addition to the funding, the company also added Andy Scaife, CEO of Quantum Pharmaceutical as Non-Executive Chairman. Stephen Purvis, Group CEO of Newcastle based SGP Technology Group, will also sit on the board.

The company intends to use the funds to scale the business in terms of staffing and development efforts to push its core product – REALRIDER® – out to market.

Led by CEO Zoe Farrington, Realsafe develops safety-based technology services that directly connects users to emergency services. Its REALRIDER® is an online platform and app for motorcyclists that detects if a rider has had a crash and notifies the NHS, who can send an ambulance to the rider’s last known location.



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