Multiphoton Optics Raises Series A Funding Round

Multiphoton Optics GmbH, a Würzburg, Germany-based developer of a high-precision 3D lithography platform, raised a Series A round of funding of undisclosed amount.

Backers included Sack & Kiesselbach GmbH, High-Tech Gründerfonds GmbH, Bayern Kapital GmbH, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. and a consortium of business angels with Dr. Ruth Houbertz, Dr. Moritz Esslinger, and Dr. Boris Neubert.

Led by Ruth Houbertz, CEO, Multiphoton Optics sells standard and customized 3D Laser Lithography Equipment platforms. LithoProf3D, its first commercially available equipment launched in February 2015, enables additive prototyping of novel product ideas in photonics packaging, photonics, or biomedical and life science products. In the prototyping phase, Multiphoton Optics supports customers with engineering know how, the development of prototyping processes, and process implementation support on customer’s sites.
The company’s software, LithoSoft3D, is an integral part of the platform available for standard 3D structuring jobs and workflows with selectable exposure strategies – 3D printing from the sub-100 nm to the cm scale with highest precision. LithoSoft3D can be also employed without the equipment on customers’ sites, for example to test the prototyping of aspheric or free-form microoptical elements or the fabrication of replication masters for the same.



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