SWIIM System Closes $3M Series A Funding

SWIIM System, a Denver, CO-based provider of a water and irrigation management system, closed a $3m Series A round of funding.

The round, completed with the assistance of AgFunder, an online investment platform for accredited investors investing in agriculture and agriculture technology companies, was led by Australian-based agricultural productivity investor goFARM Australia. As part of the deal, goFARM’s Liam Lenaghan will join SWIIM’s board of directors along with Western Growers Association’s Dave Puglia.

The company will use the funds to broaden its market reach domestically and internationally.

Led by CEO Kevin France and Chairman Ed Warner, SWIIM offers a comprehensive water management system for farmers and irrigation districts which Itenables them to get a complete picture of the water used by their crops, not just focusing on one specific aspect like irrigation efficiency or soil moisture.
The software allows farmers to create specific crop plans for their land based on its unique characteristics and water resources. The system has an internal database of information compiled from public resources and also enables farmers to input their own data to create a tailored profile for their acreage and how to optimize their water usage. Then, a farmer uses a modeling algorithm that was co-developed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to determine where water is best used, and where it can be conserved based upon input from the farmer.



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