Stolen Spirits Receives $14M Majority Investment

Smoked_RumStolen Spirits, an Auckland, New Zealand-based alcohol company, received a $14m majority investment. 

Backers included Liquid Asset Brands LLC and Spirit Investment Partners LLC.

The company will use the proceeds from the investment for expansion of the portfolio, including a smoked whiskey, new rum releases and other new products under development.

Started in 2010 out by Jamie Duff and Roger Holmes, Stolen is an independent spirits company which currently produces four rums, including the popular smoked one. For this rum, the company works with a distillery in Trinidad & Tobago from where they take column-distilled rum, aged in ex-whiskey barrels in the Caribbean, and add a combination of natural ingredients from around the world – including refractionated Arabica coffee beans from Columbia, vanilla from Madagascar and fenugreek from Morocco. This rum is then smoked using American Hardwood.
The company, which has significantly grown in its home market of New Zealand and in Australia, will launch its STOLEN Smoked Rum in key U.S. states, including NY, FL, CA, MA and IL, in early 2016.



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