Kantox and NoviCap Team up to Offer Wider Portfolio of Financial Services

Kantox NoviCap partnership

Two venture capital backed fintech companies, which have both offices in Spain and UK, have signed a strategic alliance.

Kantox, a currency exchange management company, and NoviCap, an invoice discounting marketplace, have teamed up to offer their respective customers a wider portfolio of financial services.

Led by Philippe Gelis, co-founder and CEO, Kantox provides companies with an integrated dashboard to optimize clients’ foreign currency exposure. It assists companies to learn how to manage their exchange rate risk, improve their margins with reasonable coverage and to take charge of their accounts.
Registered in England and Wales as a limited company, the company has served some 2,000 customers in 20 countries.

Co-founded by Federico Travella (CEO), Marc Antoni Macià (COO), and Nicolas Overloop (CTO), NoviCap offers an invoice-discounting platform which allows SMEs to access short term financing by advancing the payment of their outstanding invoices and professional investors with investment opportunity in a short-term asset yielding above-average returns.



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