Gurnet Point Capital Launches Boston Pharmaceuticals with $600M Commitment

Gurnet Point Capital, an investment firm focused on the healthcare and life sciences sectors that was founded by Ernesto Bertarelli and led by Christopher A. Viehbacher, created Boston Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge, MA-based drug development company, with a $600m investment.

Boston Pharmaceuticals will partner with academic, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical groups to acquire clinical assets at various stages of their development. The company is composed of a team of clinical development experts operating with the efficiency of a small company and building a portfolio of clinical and commercial assets.

Led by Chairman Christopher Viehbacher, the Managing Partner of Gurnet Point Capital and the former CEO of Sanofi, and CEO Dr. Robert Armstrong, the former head of external R&D at Chorus (Eli Lilly), Boston Pharmaceuticals is agnostic to therapeutic area specialization, focused instead on developing and launching products from drug development companies and labs worldwide.



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