General Mills’ 301 INC Launches Multi-Million Dollar Capital Fund through CircleUp

301 INC, the Minneapolis, MN-based new business development and venturing unit at General Mills, launched a multi-million dollar capital fund through CircleUp to seed emerging consumer food brands.

Since 2012, CircleUp connects consumer and retail brand entrepreneurs to accredited investors through its online platform. By using technology and a team of private equity professionals, it identifies promising brands early in their lifecycles and posts profiles on their site for investors to discover, research and potentially make an investment.

General Mills, one of the world’s leading food companies,  is the first Fortune 500 company to launch an investment fund through the platform. Through the new vehicle, 301 INC will source emerging consumer food brands. In addition to capital, 301 INC will also give its portfolio companies access to General Mills’ capabilities and expertise across supply chain, research and development, finance and marketing to accelerate their businesses.




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