Scalus Launches with $10M in Venture Capital Funding

scalusScalus, a San Francisco, CA-based communication and workflow management platform for the work environment, publicly launched with $10m in funding.

Backers of the company included Google Ventures, SherpaVentures, DCVC, Max Levchin and others.

Led by Kristen Koh Goldstein, founder and CEO, Scalus provides a platform that allows companies to automate distributed systems required to scale effectively, automatically folding in daily activity and workflow.
Key features and benefits of the platform include:
– ability to track and manage recurring and repeating tasks;
– visibility into every task to identify bottlenecks, take action and eliminate dead-end workflows;
– bi-directional task management across the internal systems and corporate email;
– transparency across and at all levels of an organization;
– integrate with communication platforms such as Slack and Chatter;
– collaborate with internal and external teams without having to be a user, and
– auto-generating audit trail for regulated industries.



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