BPI France Launches $100M Fund Focused on Tourism

bpifrance-logoBPI France has launched a $100m fund focused on tourism and leisure.

France Investissement Tourisme aims to stimulate innovation in the sector and increase the competitiveness of the companies operating in the industry.

The fund makes equity and quasi equity minority investments amounting €0.5m to €5m in each company to support growth, innovation, and international development.

Sectors of interest include:
– hotels and managed hosting (traditional hotel, spas, campsites, residential hotels, accommodation facilities, residences)
– restoration (chain restaurants, takeaways, catering, fast food)
– travel and transportation services (tour operators, car rental services, etc)
– leisure (sporting and games facilities, leisure parks, stations winter sports, theaters, media in the leisure section), and
– digital services involved in the sector.

The fund has already invested in France Hostels.



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