Coherix Completes $12M Investment

Coherix, Inc., an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based developer and provider of 3D machine vision technology designed for high speed manufacturing applications, completed a $12m investment.

Backers included Dandong Xintai Electric Co., Ltd, an electrical manufacturing company in northeast China. As part of the investment agreement, a China Joint venture has been launched to increase Coherix presence in China.

The company will use the funds to accelerate product development and expand global marketing.

Founded in October 2003 and led by Dwight Carlson, Chairman/CEO, Coherix recently announced the launch of two new product lines, Predator3D and Robust3D. Predator3D is used to monitor and control the dispensing of Structural Adhesives used in automotive and aircraft body structures and to monitor and control the sealant dispensing process in the manufacturing of automotive engine transmissions and related drivetrain products. This sealant material is referred to as Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV).
Robust3D is used for assembly verification in high speed manufacturing processes. Like Predator3D, Robust3D products are installed directly in the manufacturing process for high speed error detection.

The company has offices in manufacturing hubs around the world, including the United States, China, Germany, Sweden, Singapore and Japan.



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