TiE Oregon Launches $300K Side Car Fund

TiE Oregon, Oregon’s entrepreneur group, has launched a $300k side car fund.

Created and managed by Nitin Rai as Managing Partner and Vera Sell as Operational Partner, TAP Fund will co-invest with TiE Angels Oregon (TiE Angels) in certain investments to provide additional funding leverage to Oregon entrepreneurs seeking investment from the TiE Angels group.
If TiE Angels invest $300k in a startup, TAP can invest up to $75k along with TiE Angels.

Oregon Growth Board (OGB) is investing $250k in this fund via its Oregon Growth Fund, which was created to provide seed capital to startup finds like TAP.

Formed in 2007, TiE Oregon focuses exclusively on entrepreneurs in Oregon and support them through its mentoring, education and investment program. It also supports a high school entrepreneurship program called TYE (TiE Youth Entrepreneurs) Oregon.



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