Tobii Tech Launches Million Dollar Fund for Game Developers

tobiitechTobii Tech, a business unit of Tobii (STO: TOBII), the global leader in eye tracking, launched a $1m fund to support the development and distribution of PC games with integrated eye tracking.

The Boost to the Big Time Program offers the opportunity to innovate, global game distribution, marketing opportunities, cash payments and development support for developers and studios that create eye tracking powered games. Eye tracking allows developers to create immersive experiences with opportunities including infinite screen, multidimensional movement, eye contact and immersive graphics and sound.

Specifically, the program provides participants with access to Tobii partner studios like Ubisoft and Avalanche, distribution opportunities with Tobii and global gaming partners that will pre-purchase up to 10,000 copies of eligible games, exposure through demos and reviews through MSi, SteelSeries,Tobii and other partner channels, global experts in eye tracking as well as the Tobii EyeX Dev Kit (




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