Future Cities, The New Book by Stefano L. Tresca

Future_Cities_Kindle_150728By 2030 nearly 70% of the world’s population will live in a city.
New cities and buildings will be built to host 3 billion people in new neighbours and ours won’t be the same anymore.
Like it or not, technology is already playing a meaningful role.

In his new book, Future Cities: 42 Insights and Interviews with Influencers, Startups, Investors, Stefano L. Tresca examines the impact of and investment trends in smart cities, drones, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of Things and other innovations that have the potential to completely change our lives, from our homes to transports to healthcare, just to cite a few interest areas. Changes already occurring with no help of governments – often despite them.

In the last four years, Tresca (a lawyer, a startup advisor and investor and a book author) travelled to 23 countries in person meeting more than 120 companies developing new technologies for our cities and – in this book – shared some of their stories.
In the book, Tresca doesn’t want to give answers but tries to understand trends of what’s happening, instead, giving an opportunity to open a real discussion on the future of cities.

Stefano L. Tresca blogs at http://startupagora.com/ and tweets at @startupagora. He also is the author of Kickstarter UK Handbook




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