FinSMEs Reloaded

Logo 2xAs you know, since the launch in 2009, FinSMEs has been a trusted source of information for investors, entrepreneurs, analysts, bloggers, journalists and PRs across major innovation hubs worldwide.

Different awards have been an evidence of well earned respect and consideration at an international level from Silicon Valley to the East Cost, from London to Paris and Berlin, to Tel Aviv to Bangalore to Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Now, it is the right time to relaunch our challenge and I’m happy to introduce the new (and improved) release of our news website.

We worked on several levels, including:
design: a new theme and logo are now live.
Theme: We have chosen a new elegant theme (hope you like it) which can help you navigate the site with no problems. Categories will help you search the news for countries, which work as real-time news microsites. If you want to focus on VCs, tags will help you find the most active firms in the world by on the sidebar.
Logo: a new logo is in place. The arrows in it want to highlight the attention (and hope) FinSMEs has always had on growth.
content: to help you navigate better the site we have added placeholders which aim to tell you what a single piece is about. Equity? Which stage? Debt financing? An acquisition? For every piece, you’ll find an image trying to help describe them better. As usual, we also promise we will continue to try to cover any meaningful deal taking place across the planet and increase the effort (if possible).

infrastructure: we have also made an effort to improve the underlying infrastructure of the website capable of bear the weight of its 23k+ news database and push the engine forward. 

mobile: finally, FinSMEs is optimized to be read on your mobile phone. A better user experience is now possible and we hope you can really enjoy it.

Everything with one target in mind: growing quickly!!!



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