Africabookings to Receive $25k in Seed Funding

AfricabookingsAfricabookings, an Alton, UK and Harare, Zimbabwe-based travel startup focused on sub-Saharan Africa, is to receive $25k in seed funding.

The Travel Startups Incubator, a Florida-based platform that invests exclusively in travel tech companies around the world, made the investment.

The new funding will enable Africabookings to expand its electronic bed-bank offerings.

Led by CEO Bruce Tapping, Africabookings already offers customers accommodation and travel services in 19 destinations across sub-Saharan Africa — including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius.
The company, which works closely with agents, hotels, and travel services to make local hotels more discoverable and accessible to today’s digital consumer, will also receive business advice, mentoring, and legal and business development.



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