Sebacia Completes $22M Series C Financing

Sebacia, Inc., a Duluth, GA-based company dedicated to delivering dermatology treatments, completed a $22m Series C financing.

The financing includes $12m in equity from existing investors, Accuitive Medical Ventures, Domain Associates, Versant Ventures, and Partners Innovation Fund, and $10m in a credit facility from Square 1 Bank.

The company intends to use the funds to complete its pivotal U.S. clinical trial and the application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to register the Sebacia Treatment as an approved medical device to treat moderate to severe acne, expand its intellectual property portfolio, as well as prepare for manufacturing scale-up to support European and U.S. launches of the product.

Led by Anthony Lando, CEO, and newly named Vice President, Engineering and Program Management Pedro Medrano, Sebacia is advancing the Sebacia Treatment, which is intended to reduce acne with treatments performed at a dermatologist’s office. Utilizing proprietary Sebacia Gold Microparticles in combination with hair removal lasers in routine use by dermatologists, the technology has demonstrated efficacy in two clinical studies.



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