OurCrowd Launches $10M Early Stage Fund Focusing on Seed/Pre-A Startups

Ourcrowd_first_logoOurCrowd, a global equity crowdfunding platform, launched a specialized $10M global early stage fund focusing on seed and Pre-A startups.

With OurCrowd First, managed by General Partners Eduardo Shoval and Yori Nelken, OurCrowd will leverage its established infrastructure to bring equity crowdfunding to approximately 20+ seed-stage companies providing investors earlier access to promising opportunities.
Minimum investment is fixed at $50k for accredited investors while the fund will provide up to $500k for a select group of companies. It is launching with six early stage companies already in its portfolio representing diverse sectors, such as the Internet of Things, Energy, Mobile infrastructure, 3D Printing, and Digital Radiology. Companies include: Zebra Medical, Invertex, Turbulent, Stringify, Rimoto, and TechSee.

Led by Jon Medved, founder and CEO, OurCrowd allows accredited investors to invest in Israeli and global companies. It has raised over $130 million in equity crowdfunding for 70 portfolio companies including Borro, BillGuard, Consumer Physics (SCiO), BioCatch, Abe’s Market, and ReWalk (NASDAQ: RWLK), the first portfolio company to complete a successful IPO.



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