OmniEarth Completes $5M Series A Funding Round

OmniEarth_LogoOmniEarth, an Arlington, Va.-based developer of Earth observation analytics tools, completed a $5m Series A funding round.

Backers remained undisclosed.

The company intends to use the funds for the development of a range of analytics tools.

Led by Lars Dyrud, president and CEO, OmniEarth provides decision-makers in the agriculture, energy, civil and military markets with tools to visualize the world around them and enhance their ability to see, analyze, and react to change in real time. Through a constant stream of geoinformatics, the platform’s subscribers have access to imagery and derived information products from any location on Earth – on demand and over time.
The company offers water management tools and is under contract with two California water districts to deliver custom analytics to help meet conservation goals. Its water resource management product is a cloud-based, geospatial solution that automatically classifies and calculates land cover-based water budgets through analyses of high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery.
In addition to it, OmniEarth offers individualized consulting services and has opened an office in Berkeley, Calif. Its business plan also includes launching a 15-satellite constellation that will provide 5-meter, Landsat-quality data every where on the globe every day.



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