Bitfusion Closes $1.45M Seed Financing Round

bitfusionBitfusion, an Austin, Texas-basd developer of hardware acceleration technologies to boost application performance, closed a $1.45m seed round of financing.

Backers included Data Collective VC, Resonant VC, and the Geekdom Fund.

Led by Subbu Rama, CEO, Maciej Bajkowski, Chief Operating Officer, and Mazhar Memon, Chief Technology Officer, Bitfusion has developed technology that automatically utilizes the underlying hardware infrastructure—any mix of CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs—to boost application software performance without any code re-write or specialized skills. The solution offers data-intensive organizations supercomputing-class capabilities with a platform layer that features custom software, performance-portable libraries and hardware appliances.
The company’s product line, now available publicly, includes:
– Bitfusion Boost to speed up existing clouds and data centers;
– Bitfusion Appliance to accelerate applications in existing data centers;
– Bitfusion Supercloud that gives on-demand access to hardware accelerators such as FPGAs in the cloud, along with a large set of libraries for rapid application acceleration.

The company graduated from Techstars Cloud, part of the Techstars global ecosystem.



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