Visidraft Raises $250K in Seed Funding

visidraftVisidraft, a Washington D.C. area Augmented Reality startup focused on solving communication between clients and contractors in Architecture and Construction, closed $250K in seed funding.

The round was led by angel fund Hivers & Strivers, which invests in Veteran led startups, particularly graduates of the US Military Academies; West Point, Annapolis, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Founded by Air Force Academy grad and Iraq War Veteran Andrew Kemendo, Visidraft has developed a markerless Augmented Reality (AR) tool which gives architects, contractors and interior designers tools to share and visualize 3D CAD designs with clients, investors and the public using an iPad or iPhone.
Visidraft implements computer vision technologies, similar to those used in driverless cars and robotic navigation, to give 360 degrees of movement around CAD designs in the real world without printed markers. Using industry standard CAD software, users can estimate costs, view design options, select materials and tools, and improve communication across the design process.



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