Progyny Secures Capital

ProgynyProgyny, Inc., a New York-based new combined entity of Auxogyn, Inc. and Fertility Authority, LLC, has secured additional capital.

Backers include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, TPG Biotech, SR One and Merck Serono Ventures.

The funding will enable the company to expand operations.

Led by Gina Bartasi, chief executive officer, and Darrin Uecker, president and chief operating officer, Progyny is an online marketplace for families seeking fertility solutions. The digital platform provides patients access to doctors, price transparency and financing, coupled with clinical expertise and proprietary clinical solutions. Patients are guided through the fertility health journey and provided expert data on health issues including elective egg freezing, IVF treatment options, and the Eeva™ Test. The Eeva™ Test is an FDA cleared non-invasive prognostic test that uses time-lapse imaging and statistical modeling to assess early embryo development milestones with minimal disturbance to the embryos during incubation.

The company has operations in Menlo Park, CA.



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