Key Capital Exits CheckBonus

keycapitalKey Capital, a Milan, Italy-based venture  incubator, finalized its first exit selling its shareholding in CheckBonus.

The acquirer was Custodi di Successo,  the network of business angels which had already invested in the company in July 2014 (read here). The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but the exit translated into roughly 2.5x on Key Capital investment, which had been made in July 2013 (read here).

Led by Pieluigi Casolari and Yuri Ceschin, CheckBonus leverages iBeacons to provide a mobile  app that incentivizes store  traffic awarding consumers who interact with products and offers in-store.

Led by Giorgio  Di  Stefano,  CEO and Founder, Key  Capital has also invested in the music crowdfunding platform MusicRaiser, beach management software PassBeach, learning platform LifeLearning, and chef marketplace ChefBooking, among others



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