Triggerfox Raises $800K in Funding

Triggerfox screen shotTriggerfox, a Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based relationship intelligence platform, raised $800k in funding.

The investment came from a syndicate led by Matthew Staikos, who also joined the Triggerfox Board of Directors and will be acting in an advisory role as head of corporate strategy.

The company intends to use the funds to enhance the mobile experience of the platform.

Led by founder and CEO Frank Falcone, Triggerfox aggregates all contacts information from various sources including professional and social networks, phone, calendar, and email into a unified address book, focusing on the people that are most important to the user. The platform monitors social channels, news, and other data sources to provide insights and updates about contacts and allows users to take instant follow-up actions directly from mobile phone.

The company had Triggerfox received an initial $1.8m seed investment round led by Todd Finch, and a group of Toronto- and Boston-based angel investors, including Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder of Hubspot and Wayne Chang of Twitter (read here).



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