Platypi Raises $2M

platipyPlatypi, an Austin, TX, and Birmingham, AL-based mobile and web application development company, said it raised $2m in seed funding in 2014.

Backers remained undisclosed.

The funds were used to develop and release its cross-platform development platform written entirely in TypeScript, an open source language created by Microsoft. The platform allows businesses to develop large-scale cross-platform applications by using TypeScript as its primary programming language.

PlatypusTS, the TypeScript framework that is a part of the Platypi Platform, is available for download via and includes PlatypusUI, a set of user interface controls for creating custom user experience components, and PlatypusCLI, a command line interface that makes it easy to start a cross-platform app.

The company is led by Chief Experience Officer Matt Morgan and Chief Executive Officer Matt Landers.



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