AKT IP Ventures Launches $20M Incubation Investment Fund

AKT_IP_LogoAKT IP Ventures, an incubator that turns ideas into tangible assets, launched a $20m investment fund.

It will back the expansion of its existing portfolio of patent-based technology businesses and finance the creation and operation of 10 to 15 new IP-based joint ventures in the mobile, multi-touch, wearables, IoT, big data and medical technology sectors that can be spun off into streamlined exits.

Led by Nicolas Chaillan, CEO, AKT IP Ventures identifies and develops companies based on IP with great potential to provide returns for accredited investors and generate sustainable employment. Its model includes a full business lifecycle (18 months or less) from quick prototyping to product development to marketplace to exit. The firm operates and manages the newly created companies by providing development, design, marketing and even sales teams.

It has offices in Paris, Panama City, Bogota, Dubai, New York and Washington DC.



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