Intellimedix Receives Investment from Chris Klaus

Intellimedix LogoIntellimedix, an Atlanta, GA-based big data molecular profiling company, received an investment from Atlanta entrepreneur Chris Klaus.

The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Led by Jim Jacoby, founder and Chairman, Intellimedix is a big data molecular profiling company, which has utilized advancements in science and technology to develop algorithms that identify new treatments for previously “untreatable” diseases.
The company partners with Pfizer, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), Epilepsy Foundation, MIT, Georgia Tech and Emory University to power precision medicine and compress the time needed to treat diseases by uniting molecular profiling with drug repurposing and discovery.
It works by identifying the root cause of the disease, then uses its algorithms to mine the thousands of FDA approved drugs on the market to find the precise ones that can be prescribed to treat the disease. Scientists then test the drugs using in vivo (in living) zebrafish models with a given patient’s exact mutation to determine which drugs are most effective for the patient.



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