Humphrey Julian Nokes Acquires 35.33% Stake in Italian VC Principia

Humphrey Julian Nokes acquired a 35.33% shareholding in Principia S.G.R., from MAZ&COS Venture S.r.l..

Humphrey Julian Nokes is the founder of ETV Capital, which has investments of over £300 million in more than 190 venture capital-backed technology, biotechnology and healthcare companies across Europe.

Principia is an Italian venture capital firm with an ICT and lifescience investment focus. The company currently manages three investment funds, known as “Principia Fund”, “Principia II” and “Principia III – Health” which have collectively made about 40 start-up capital and expansion capital  investments.

The firm’s portfolio include Docebo and Vivocha. In 2013, they exited EOS, which was sold to American Clovis in 2013.
Principia is led by Antonio Falcone.



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