Astroscale Completes $7.7M Series A Funding

astroscaleAstroscale, a Singapore-based private commercial space venture, completed a USD$7.7m Series A funding round.

Backers included JAFCO and nine entrepreneurs: Mistletoe, Inc. (Representative Director and CEO: Mr. Taizo Son), Mr. Kotaro Yamagishi, Mr. Kenji Kasahara, Mr. Shuhei Morofuji, Ms. Mari Murata, Mr. Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Mr. Mamoru Taniya, Mr. Osamu Kaneda and Mr. Takao Ozawa.

The company intends to use the funds to set up an office in Japan to accelerate manufacturing small-satellites.

Led by CEO Mitsunobu Okada, Astroscale provides technology support as well as the global alliance necessary for private companies to be involved in space missions. It aim to conduct the first demonstration of active debris/space junk removal towards the end of 2017.



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